What to Expect

Expect results. Expect that your prayers are answered, even before they are spoken. World Ministry of Prayer has been providing Affirmative Prayer for close to 90 years. Our purpose is to provide the healing power of Affirmative Prayer Treatment to all individuals, anytime and anywhere. We are here to inspire you to connect to the Love Intelligence that is the essence of your being, thereby mentally rising above any circumstance, and experiencing your inherent Divine Nature.

You can expect to have a timely response to your prayer request, either by email or telephone. Know that all communication is confidential. We never share any personal information with anyone. Your privacy is one of our highest priorities.

Feel free to email us or call us for prayer anytime. We are here for you.


We know that life can be challenging and the only thing that may help to get you back to center is Prayer. We believe very strongly in the power of Affirmative Prayer. This belief and knowing comes from seeing or hearing about the many demonstrations or testimonies in the lives of people around the world.


Affirmative Prayer is “a recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity’s unity with Spirit…” (Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind textbook, pg. 149).
By writing your own Affirmative Prayer you make it yours. The main thing is to feel into every one of the five steps. It is not the words that you use that make the prayer powerful, it is the feeling tone behind the words.

In the teachings of Science of Mind and Spirit we believe there is only One Life and each of us is a unique expression of this One Life. Therefore, when you hear a prayer spoken in the first person “I”, know that we are all the “I”. These prayers are yours. These prayers have never been spoken before, and none were scripted. Click on the player under title for recorded prayer. You’ll be glad you did.